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Three Important Gardening Tips To Bare In Mind

Creating a beautiful garden is a process that shouldn't be rushed. When it comes to the design stages much thought should be given, especially as a number of plants are terribly sensitive. It's definitely worth all of the effort though.
garden plants
The first tip is to plan your garden before you start it, and most gardeners like to sketch it before they start on it. With a detailed plan and sketch in hand, your life will be much easier and you will also find it easier to manage your budget. If you are not much of an artist there are always professionals that can help you, but this will cost money. Available to the general public are computer-aided design programs for the computer which are another option. Most are relatively simple to use if you have any form of experience working on a computer but they do cost money and you will need a good computer to run them. Undoubtedly you should create a sketch to follow, whether you do it yourself, hire someone, or use some software. Use Mulch or Do Not Use Mulch: You do not need to mulch, but it is usually a good idea. If you mulch your garden properly it will make it hard for weeds to germinate and grow. Mulch also helps the soil maintain a lever of moisture so the plants will not dry out so quickly. Another positive point is its ability to keep the soil an even temperature for the most part. When it is cold, the plant roots are shielded from the weather and it helps prevent frost heaving. The latter is when plants are pushed out of the earth during the repeated freezing and defrosting of the soil. During the summer months, by mulching your plants, you are protecting them from the heat of the sun and as the mulch rots, it adds valuable nutrients to the soil. There are several kinds of mulch, including peat moss, hay, compost, etc.
Creating Your Own Herb Garden: Some people prefer to plant their herbs alongside their vegetables and in some cases it is an excellent idea, especially since some herbs are natural deterrents to different kinds of insects that can harm your vegetables. You could also put the herb garden on its own as this will allow you to have a wide range of herbs. Herbs should be treated the same as vegetables and therefore should also be planted after all the frost has gone.
This is because most herbs don't really do well in the cold weather. However, most herbs are pretty easy to grow and are well worth the minimal effort they require, especially since the fresher a herb is, the better it is. Growing herbs is the best way to get them as fresh as possible.
When it comes to gardening, it's a matter of some common sense and basic principles as well as some effort, but the results are well worth it.

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